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With the introduction of Aviationvideo on the 1st of November 2004, Aviationvideo was the first to produce a full length 2 hour DVD (including video images of the DOL highway exercise) of the Polish Air Force in action.

Aviationvideo, founded by Chris Schmidt, has a goal to deliver high quality Aviation video images of aircraft in action. Chris has been an aviation enthusiast since 1981.

Besides Aviation, Aviationvideo has also produced two DVD's of well known mountainous roads in the French Alpes.

Our mission:


With the introduction of the Marmotte Route DVD in 2006 Aviationvideo fulfilled the following goals:

  • To make the Marmotte a safer event, for cyclists can now better prepare themselves for the dangerous descents during the Marmotte.
  • To in general help future cyclist better prepare themselves for the Marmotte event held in the Alpes each year in France.
  • To show the beautiful landscapes and scenery's of the Alpes during the spring and summer.


We believe that with producing high quality DVD's of aircraft in action, the memory and ' emotion ' of the moment is best captured on video compared to slides or pictures. For example a 'howling' Starfighter or a Su22 lighting it's afterburner several meters from the camera is what our aim is. At Aviationvideo, it is our mission to produce thrilling aviation video images.

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